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Open everyday for dinner only. Reservation is required.






Indian legacy

The experience

San Lucas is an intimate and incomparable experience on the treetops. We offer a 7-course tasting dinner.

Our menu is the expanded journey of the experience that Monteverde offers, which entails the conjunction of its main natural and gastronomic attractions.
It is the conceptual union of the nearby islands, landscapes, local products, national culture and sustainability.

Everything mixes and evolves into an experience for the palate, the eye and the heart.

We only have 8 dining tables in total so booking in advance is suggested.


The details

Each couple or family will enjoy a private and totally secluded dinner in a glass box raised to 50 ft. in the middle of the forest with views of downtown Monteverde. The experience can be booked at 5:00 pm or 8:30 pm and has a duration of 2.5 hours. Reservation and prepayment is required. Only 8 tables are available per night.

7 course menu: $ 80* – $95**

Wine experience: $39* – $45** (6 glasses of 2 ounces)

Children under 12: $30* 3 course menu + special surprise

*Drinks not included



Cancellation policy

Free cancellations up to 3 days prior to arrival.

No shows or cancellations outside window are non refundable

Taxes and fees

*Displayed prices excludes sales tax 13%, service tax 10% and booking fee. Prices per person. 

**New prices starting November 1st 2021. Exclude taxes


Are children accepted?

Yes, we offer a differentiated menu for a price of $ 30 plus taxes and it consists of 3 courses. Also, activities and surprises will be provided

 A reservation is required for dinner?

Yes, we have limited spaces

 Can I book without a credit card?

No, to guarantee your reservation a prepayment is necessary, all reservations are fully refundable 3 days prior to reservation date

Does the system charge my credit card upon reservation is made?

Yes, credit cards are charged right away, if you need to cancel or reschedule please write an email to chirahotel@gmail.com

How long it takes to dine?

On average 2.5 hours

What drinks do you offer?

We have a drink menu including wines, cocktails, beers, natural smoothies, soft drinks, teas and coffees. We recommend the wine pairing option for an experience according to the food. The selection can be made during dinner.

Can I ask for decorations for special occasions?

We do not offer allusive decorations, however if you are celebrating a special occasion you can write it down in the comments to plan a special dessert. Any other special request please contact 84561022

Can you adapt to diets or food restrictions?

Yes, for that it is very important to complete the menu selection form so we can be prepared in the best way.

I can stay longer before or after dinner?

No, the experience is designed to last 2.5 hours, since is by reservation we must respect the allotted times in order to serve our next clients. We have a bar if you want to stay longer.

Can I share a menu between two?

No, our menu is designed for the enjoyment of one person, therefore each client must buy one separate menu.

Is there a dress code?

No, but we do recommend bringing warm and comfortable clothing 

If it rains, I get wet?

No, the cubicles are completely closed in glass and have a door.

Can I only visit the bar?

No, the bar is a space for our clients to wait before or after dinner.

Are there other options instead of the 7-course tasting dinner?

No, we only offer the 7-course themed dinner.

What is the best time to see the sunset?

The best time is 5pm or 5:30 pm

 All cubicles are the same and have a panoramic view?

Yes, and all cubicles have panoramic views.

Pet friendly?

Pets are not accepted

Open for lunch?

No, we only open for dinner

Can I bring my own wine to the restaurant?

Yes, $ 25 + taxes will be charged for the corkage 

The restaurant has shuttle service?

No, but we help coordinate taxi service if required

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes, the cubicles are accessed by ramp and there are no steps.

Our menu is designed by the renowned Costa Rican chef Santiago Fernandéz Benedetto. Chef ambassador of the essential brand Costa Rica and San Pellegrino.

Our menu is designed by the renowned Costa Rican chef Santiago Fernandéz Benedetto. Chef ambassador of the essential brand Costa Rica and San Pellegrino.

Monteverde cheese

Enjoy a complete experience

Stay in our Glamping-style hotel with all the comforts of a 5-star resort.

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